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Harshit Kumar Gupta

Harshit Gupta
Technology Enthusiast
Designation: Engineer
Date of Birth (D.O.B.): 14-Dec-2000
Current Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
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About Me

I am a programmer and developer, and I love to code and build things in my desired way. I love to program, and have been gaining more experience and control over the programming languages and tools. I am passionate and enthusiastic about using programming as a language to command and interact with machines.

With every programming language I learn, I get to acquire some better understanding over the utilities and customizations the programming can offer, and also often depict the similarities and variants in the usage of different syntaxes to acquire a task, or to run through an algorithm.

When I am not performing, I enjoy surfing internet and listening music, in my free time. I prefer dreaming and exploring, and keeping myself balanced and motivated.

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My Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

 Shri G. S. Institute of Technology and Science, Indore

Pursuing my Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from here. My Expected Graduation is in 2022.

High School, 10+2 in PCM + CS

 St. Norbert Senior Secondary School, Indore

Completed my schooling from here. Studied PCM + CS (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, with English, and Computer Science as elective subject) in classes XI and XII.

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My Skills

My Skillset includes, but is definitely not limited to, the following tags:

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